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Go to the Creature Labs Web Site
Creature Labs
Official Creatures Site.
Welcome to the Creatures Community.
Go to the Docking Station Central Web Site
Docking Station Central
Official Creatures Site.
Register with Creature Labs and you can download Docking Station for Free.
Go to the Albia 2000 Web Site
Albia 2000
News, Forums, Downloads, and Features for all the Creatures games! Great Site! Ostrova for C3 is amazing.

Albia 2000 is the Host of this site.

Go to the Adventures in Nornsitting! Web Site
Adventures in Nornsitting!
This is a page dedicated to the enjoyment and enhancement of Cyberlife's Creatures 1 and 2. ^_^

Check out the Mernorns page... There is the Sea Horse cob. My very first Creatures 2 Object.

Kai Norn Milk
Now in "Drink Multi Vendor" - on the Creatures 2 page.

Go to the Creatures of Avalon Web Site
Creatures of Avalon
This is a German web site.
Creatures 2 - Norns, Races, Cobs, Albia, Information, Pictures, etc.

Most of my Creatures 2 Cobs can also be found on this web site.

Go to the Creatures Mainframe Web Site
Creatures Mainframe
Creatures 2 Cobs, Creatures 3 Agents, Docking Station Agents,
Meta Rooms - The Tropics.
Go to the The Norngarden Web Site
The Norngarden
The Norngarden is a beautiful new area for Creatures 3 and Docking Station with lots of plants and other things for your Norns to play with.
Go to the Mummy's Creatures Web Site
Mummy's Creatures
This is a German web site.
Welcome to Mummy's Web Site for Creatures, the popular computer game of virtual life! The fascinating world of the Norns, Ettins, and Grendels!
Go to the Palace of the Evil Shee Web Site
Palace of the Evil Shee
Welcome to the Palace of the Evil Shee, the website for Lis Morris deranged warpings of the Creatures series of games from Cyberlife Technologies.

This Site has Downloads for all the Creatures games.

Go to The Norn Underground Web Site
The Norn Underground
Site is Down...

Dedicated to Creatures and Creatures 2 hackers. For those who want to know more about programming COB files, playing with sprites, understanding Norn genetics, or anything else technically related.

This is the site that got me started.

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