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Docking Station Agents
Download The Home Smell - Ettin
Home Smell Ettin
Here it is what your Ettins have been longing for... a place to call home aboard the Capillata. Now you can inject this agent, that only you can see... and wherever you place it... the Ettins will no-longer feel homesick.
Download The Home Smell - Grendel
Home Smell Grendel
Homesick Grendels? Fear no more, your answer is here... The Home Smell agent for Grendels. No longer will your Grendels wonder the Capillata looking for their home. This Grendel home can be placed anywhere you desire.
Download The Home Smell - Norn
Home Smell Norn
Sometimes even Norns can get homesick on their home away from home the Capillata. Place this Home Smell agent anywhere you feel would comfort your Norns the most.

Using C3 Script Numbers 54,800 - 54,999

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